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We believe that there are brilliant minds that exist in communities that are locked off in some way, shape, or form from certain resources.
We want to foster the idea of innovation by providing resources that will empower community members to develop solutions to world problems while assisting them to become gainfully employed in the local and global markets.

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Project #1: Sligoville MIPP Center

We see a day where climate change is a thing of the past and many more world problems like hunger and malnutrition. Brilliant minds from underdeveloped communities were given the opportunity to learn about technology and were given access to resources at a MIPP center which helped to solve these problems.

MIPP Center Value Proposition

Sligoville, St. Catherine, Jamaica is still underdeveloped. Access to internet, water, and electricity is limited. Our goal is to build a MIPP center to provide the following things below:

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